Thursday, April 09, 2015

Who are we really?

I think Shakespeare got that sense of the theatrical in LIFE when he said: 

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages... “(from the play: As You like It). 

Who Am I? 

I take this question seriously especially when posed the question. “Who is Saffiya?” 

Not too many really are able to even UNDERSTAND the question. When we look at our ID documents, driver's licence, passports, we are just units of a system, but this does not define who we are as unique creations. 

I am Saffiya, a Muslim woman, a daughter, sister, mother, friend, etc. etc. etc. Ok But who are you really? 

Sometimes I feel I know the answer and other times I question whether or not it is possible to comprehend the infinite possibilities of who I might be. Nothing can make a person feel more inspired and driven than when they can define themselves and yet be infinite in their description. 

I would like to think I am a good “me”, living life with loyalty, integrity, with solid principles. Then I look deeper at my inner self, am I fulfilling what I was created to do. 

Who am I is determined by my human nature driven by that power of will? 

We all categorise and label ourselves according to what we do, what we believe, which is why when we are posed with this question, we find we are limited. 

So who am I again? 

I am a Muslim woman created divinely to worship my Creator and fulfil my destiny. I was engineered with free will to be part of a play which self-adjusts by my actions. I am not guaranteed anything in this life, but I do know I was “born to die” 

Nothing in my life is left to chance, everything I do here is monitored by a divine law. I explore life’s adventure, I am a person who chooses to be fully present in the moment. When I categorise or label myself, I sum up my past. Those boxes which I put myself in; shaped me to date, but they do not dictate who I am right now. 

From yesterday to today, I have changed, throughout my existence I have gathered so much information, and it helps my growth process. There are so many layers to who I am. We seldom can show the world who we truly are, nor can we truly define ourselves. I know that there are parts of me I choose to hide for whatever reasons and on the flip side there are parts of me that shine through brilliantly, experiences, consequences of my free will have penetrated who I am today, and makes me behave in a certain way.

I know this might sound contradictory now, but very few people actually know themselves and I for one am one of those. Every day I evolve, my foundation remains the same, but I am a work in progress, a growth process. We are all sponges, soaking up our environments, absorbing information. It affects our behaviour, our outlook, and ultimately shapes who we are today and directs us on a path we chose to take at that moment. 

Most of the times we have to be sponges because there is so much to learn every day. That’s why we were blessed with free will and a conscience, rather a sponge than a rock. 

We get to choose our patterns of behaviour in accordance to what we believe, which ultimately reflects, who you are as a person, the purpose which you were created for. 

Who I was a week ago is very different than the person I am today. The hurdles I dashed over last week changed the core of me. I accept there are new facets to me which was non-existent last week and has somehow integrated and shaped who I am now. 

We go through this process daily, some of us acknowledge it and some of us don’t. Who I am right now, is who I have chosen to be deep within me. I am not my display picture, or an avatar, maybe you might see me as that, or you might see me as a person who is fundamentally the same, yet an evolving being. There are several pieces to me, which when pulled together create who I am. 

This is why it’s a daily practice for me to align to my spiritual self. I am transparent most of the times, but I am fully aware that the depth of who I am, can be unknowing to even myself, there are reflections of myself, today I could experience something, which will change who I am tomorrow?